Monday, December 23, 2013

New Episodes of American Horror Story, Lilyhammer

I’ve been meaning to share the information that Netflix has “new” episodes of American Horror Story, as well as new episodes of their own TV series Lilyhammer. It’s probably old news by now, but like many people the holiday season has been a busy one and it’s hard to find time to post about things, much less fit in a movie or an episode of your favorite series.
While I have yet to watch Lilyhammer, I do watch episodes of American Horror Story on FX as they premiere. If you’re like me and you are suffering through the holiday hiatus of the current season entitled Coven, you might want to go back on Netflix and re-view the previous seasons. I fell in love with AHS’ first season, but felt the incredibly solid season had a weak finale. The new episodes on Netflix are from the second season entitled Asylum, which was much more of a hit and miss experience. Many storylines ended up going nowhere. I don’t want to give away too much, but I’m thinking of the Evan Peters storyline, Chloe Sevigny’s part, and James Cromwell’s fate seemed anticlimactic. There are some spectacular moments in the second season, and it actually had a strong ending (as best as I can remember! I need to refresh my memory). I enjoyed Sarah Paulson’s performance in particular, and Jessica Lange will always be the star of the show. (Don’t go Jessica!). Of course it being set in an asylum means there are some crazy characters. Check out this link if you’ve already seen the season and want to see Pepper in real life:
Hope to have a review here shortly of something Christmas related. If I don’t manage that, then have a great holiday!

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