Thursday, December 5, 2013

Netflix Original Content (I'll get to it someday...)

I suppose that if I am blogging about Netflix streaming, I should post about their content that is exclusive to Netflix. Well, I am going to get to that, but the Protestant work-ethic instilled in me means that I have to make it almost a full time job. Fortunately, deciding to watch Arrested Development from the beginning rather than jumping straight into the new episodes has been a great time. I would consider AD to be one of the best TV shows of all time (along with Seinfeld, The Simpsons in its hey day, Breaking Bad, among others…that’s a post for another time), and I hadn’t seen the old episodes in quite awhile. I’ve heard that the new episodes take awhile to take off, or for the jokes to pay off. The original series is a bit like that. The first season is pretty good, but I am half way thru the second season, and it’s really taking off. I don’t go a minute without laughing. Anyways, I will be sure to post about the new Netflix episodes once I get to them.
I’ve heard good things about Orange is the New Black, which will be the next Netflix series I’ll check out after I’m done with AD. House of Cards has gotten some kind of award or awards I can’t remember right now, but I haven’t heard anything positive about it. But to be fair I’ve only heard one negative thing about it, and I’m not sure I trust that source’s opinion. I don’t know of anyone who has seen Hemlock Grove, so not sure I’ll ever try that.
Am I forgetting any other Netflix series? Let me know.

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